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AnyViewer is a remote access software that lets you control computers and mobile devices from anywhere. It's like having a virtual extension of your desk, allowing you to work remotely, offer IT support, or even play PC games on your phone.


Frequently Asked Questions on AnyViewer

AnyViewer empowers you to remotely access and control computers from anywhere, anytime. Whether you're a tech whiz or a casual user, our user-friendly interface and robust features make remote connections a breeze. But before you dive in, let's address some frequently asked questions

Is AnyViewer free?

Yes! AnyViewer is completely free for both personal and business use. Enjoy all its features without breaking the bank.

Is AnyViewer safe?

Absolutely. We prioritize your security with industry-standard Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) encryption, safeguarding your data during remote sessions.

What operating systems does AnyViewer support?

Connect seamlessly across various Windows systems, including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11, and Server versions 2012 R2, 2016, 2019, and 2022.

How do I connect to another computer?

It's simple! Just share a unique ID with the remote device, and you're good to go. No complex configurations or port forwarding required.

Can multiple devices control one computer simultaneously?

Yes! AnyViewer allows seamless multi-user access, enabling several devices to remotely control a single computer simultaneously.

Can I control multiple computers from one device?

Definitely! Manage multiple remote sessions efficiently with tabbed browsing, switching between controlled computers effortlessly.

What happens if the remote computer restarts during a session?

The connection will temporarily disconnect, but you can easily reconnect once the computer reboots.

Can I transfer files during a remote session?

Absolutely! Share files seamlessly between your local and remote devices with our built-in file transfer feature.

Does AnyViewer offer remote desktop scaling?

Yes! Enjoy a smooth and adaptable experience with our remote desktop scaling feature, ensuring optimal viewing on different screen resolutions.

Can I provide remote technical support with AnyViewer?

Of course! Our intuitive interface and robust features make it ideal for IT professionals to offer efficient remote support to clients and colleagues.

Does AnyViewer work on mobile devices?

Yes, you can remotely access and control computers from your iOS or Android devices using the AnyViewer mobile app.


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